Quality assessment of stereo images using reduced reference based on saliency region

In this paper, we present a novel technique to asses the quality of the stereo images in its reduced reference based on saliency region. One of the important factors that influence the accuracy of text information extraction algorithms is quality of the acquired images. Therefore, we developed technique to measure quality of stereo images which assists in selection of high quality ones in order to increase the performance of text information extraction algorithm. The planar surfaces become the salient regions in Text Information Extraction (TIE), because text information is always contained in planar surfaces as evidenced in day to day encounters.

The proposed technique involves the extraction of planar surfaces from both left and right frames based on estimation of spatial gradient in disparity space, and later on performs Reduced Reference (RR) quality assessment of frames using the extracted saliency region. The various experiments are conducted in order to evaluate the performance of proposed method using stereo video sequences acquired using digital video cameras and mobile phone devices.

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