Rate control for lossless region of interest coding in HEVC intra-coding with applications to digital pathology images

This paper proposes a rate control algorithm for lossless region of interest (RoI) coding in HEVC intra-coding. The algorithm is developed for digital pathology images and allows for random access to the data. Based on an input RoI mask, the algorithm first encodes the RoI losslessly. According to the bit rate spent on the RoI, it then encodes the background by using rate control in order to meet an overall target bit rate.

In order to increase rate control accuracy, the algorithm uses an R-λ model to approximate the slope of the rate-distortion curve, and updates any related model parameters during the encoding process. Random access is attained by coding the data using independent tiles. Experimental results show that the proposed algorithm attains the overall bit rate very accurately while providing lossless reconstruction of the RoI.

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