Renewable Energy Projects for Engineering Students

Renewable energy projects for engineering students ensure huge trending topics worldwide. Engineering is not only a study but also it is a way of the life. An engineering student must be capable to solve all real-life problems. In this era, global warming is the major issue and the students pay attention towards it. If you are ready to contribute yourself for the universe, then Renewable energy is the best ever domain.


  • Integrated Microgrids (Renewable energy and Diesel)
  • E-Governance by Solar PV arrays
  • Zero-Emission Datacenter Management
  • Off-Grid Energy System for Smart-Agri
  • Marine Power Fluctuation Detection
  • Reconfigurable AC-DC Microgrids
  • High-quality Geothermal Energy Acquisition

As of now, we have ended up 1000+ projects in this domain. All of our students have made a long-term bond with us. They seek our help in every step of their UG/PG/PhD studies. We ensure that we bestow a great success in each step.


Without a doubt, we attain our merits by our amazing experts. They have built the robust base for 5000+ pupils. The additional quality factors are,

  • Groundbreaking ideas
  • Professional literature work
  • Near-future research problems
  • Appropriate research solutions
  • Original project code
  • Accurate results

We embed all these factors into all Renewable energy projects for engineering students. We push you from the darkness to the sunlight. For that, we use our teamwork as a pushing point. Never let your fears to make darkness, let our spark to fire your fears.

Excelled Renewable energy projects for engineering students


  • Small-scale and large-scale micro-grid
  • Transformer-free grid systems
  • Grid connected PV array
  • Vehicle to grid communication
  • Wind farm with asynchronous generator
  • New power systems (Shale, Biomass, Hydropower, Ocean)
  • High voltage and temperature systems


  • Power conversion (To Gas, Heat, Mobility)
  • Distributed smart batteries
  • Thermal effects on lithium battery
  • Multi-core battery park system
  • Fault monitoring and predictive maintenance
  • Secure and sustainable storage systems
  • Load distribution and management

Tools to Design Renewable energy projects for engineering students

  • Matlab Simulink
  • SAM
  • RETScreen
  • PolySun
  • KomMod
  • EnergyPLAN
  • ReEDS
  • Gatecycle
  • WindPro
  • Pvsyst
  • Windographer
  • PVWatts
  • Helioscope
  • REopt

If you have only limited exposure in your project, then feel free to speak with us. Our pros will involve with you and increase your interest. To end this, we have all in all assets to fulfill your dreams. Explore more from our brain by just one click.