Self Embedding Fragile Watermarking for Image Tampering Detection and Image Recovery Using Self Recovery Blocks

Fragile watermarking is discovered for authentication and content integrity verification. This paper introduces a modified fragile watermarking technique for image recovery. Here we can detect as well as recovered the tampered image with its tampered region. This modified approach helps us to produce resistance on various attacks like birthday attack, college attack and quantization attacks. Using a non-sequential block chaining and randomized block chaining, which is created on the basis of secrete key this modified technique produces great amount of recovery from tampered regions. In this modified technique we put a watermark information and information of recovery of image block into the imageblock.

These blocks are linked with next randomly generated block of image. In this modified process of block chaining to obtained first watermark image, modified technique uses original image and watermarked image. While to obtained self-embedded image we merge shuffled original image on original image so that we get final shuffled image. At last we merge first watermark image with shuffledimage to produce final watermarked image. During recovery we follow reverse process of above to obtained original image from tampered image. By comparing block by block mean values of tampered blocks recovery of tampered blocks can be done. This modified technique can be used for color as well as gray scale images. The implementation shows that, the proposed modified technique can be used with promising result as an alternative approach to image recovery from tampered area effectively.

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