Superpixel based finger vein ROI extraction with sensor interoperability

Finger vein is a new and promising trait in biometric recognition and some related progress have been achieved in recent years. Considering that there are many different sensors in a biometric system, sensor interoperability is a very important issue and still neglected in the state-of-the-art finger veinrecognition. Based on the analysis of the shortcomings in the current finger vein ROI extraction methods, this paper proposes a new superpixel based finger vein ROI extraction method with sensor interoperability.

First, finger boundaries are determined by tracking superpixels which are very robust to image variations such as gray level and background noises. Furthermore, to handle fingerdisplacement, the middle points of the detected finger boundaries are used to adjust finger direction. Finally, finger ROI is localized by the internal tangents of finger boundaries. Experimental results show that the proposed method can extract the ROIs accurately and adaptively from images which are captured by different sensors.

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