The active vibration control of the smart plate by using piezo-patches

The active vibration control system for aluminum plate with SFSF boundary conditions with using piezo-patch actuators is presented in the paper. Piezo-actuators and piezo-sensors are located in opposite site of the plate. Moreover such elements of control system are oriented in their quasi-optimal locations in two perpendicular directions X and Y. The mathematical models of the plate are determined separately for odd and even modes in selected frequency range 10-250 Hz with using Digital Signal Analyzer at the laboratory stand.

Such approach allowed us to design two PD control laws for considered models with help Matlab/Simulink software. In the last chapter the experimental tests of the open-loop and closed-loop systems in time and frequency domain are presented. The obtained results have proved that these controllers were designed correctly. Additional damp in the both closed-loop systems cause the excellent vibration reduction in comparison to the open-loop system for the whole mechanical structure.

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