VANET PROJECT provides you every one in a circle prop up and supervision used for the endorsement of your profession standpoint. By no means obtain your plan as your scholastic project; attractiveness has enormous worth in provisos of your career fortification. We are now to let somebody use our guiding hands to improve your outline and to construct you position tall in the midst of million scholars.


  • A New Sensing Strategy for 5G Mobile Networks: Towards Spectral and Energy Efficiency Trade off
  • Comparative analysis of initial access techniques in 5G mm Wave cellular networks
  • Reduced M2M signaling communications in 3GPP LTE and future 5Gcellular networks   (VANET PROJECT)
  • Key exchange protocols for secure Device-to-Device (D2D) communication in 5G
  • Optimal Resource Sharing in 5G-enabled Vehicular Networks: A Matrix Game Approach
  • Fine-grained resource-aware virtual network function management for 5G carrier cloud
  • A Switchable 3D-Coverage Phased Array Antenna Package for 5G Mobile Terminals
  • Energy-Efficient 5G Outdoor-to-Indoor Communication: SUDAS Over Licensed and Unlicensed Spectrum
  • A flexible 5G frame structure design for frequency-division duplex cases
  • Energy-Efficient Power Control of Cognitive Femto Users for 5G Communications
  • Big data-driven optimization for mobile networks toward 5G
  • Large-scale millimeter-wave phased arrays for 5G systems
  • Planar millimeter-wave antenna on low-cost flexible PET substrate for 5G applications   (VANET PROJECT)
  • High gain millimeter wave antennas for 5G wireless and security imaging systems
  • Reconfigurable Antenna for Future Spectrum Reallocations in 5G Communications