4K real time video streaming with SHVC decoder and GPAC player

This paper presents the first 4Kp30 end-to-end video streaming demonstration based on the upcoming Scalable High efficiency Video Coding (SHVC) standard. The optimized and parallel SHVC decoder is used under the GPAC player to decode and display in real time the received SHVC layers. The SHVC reference software model (SHM) is used to encode the 4K original video in two spatial scalability layers: the base layer at 1080p resolution and the enhancement layer at 2160p resolution.

The SHVC bitstream is encapsulated with the GPAC multimedia library into MP4 file format. The GPAC player at the server side broadcasts the MP4 content in MPEG-2 TS. At the client side, the GPAC player receives the SHVC video packets which are decoded by the SHVC decoder and then rendered in real time by the player. The GPAC player provides an interactive interface enabling to switch between displaying the base and the enhancement layers.

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