A review of issues and challenges in designing Iris recognition Systems for noisy imaging environment

Iris recognition is a challenging task in a noisy imaging environment. Nowadays researcher’s primary focus is to develop reliable Iris recognition System that can work in noisy imaging environment and to increase the iris recognition rate on different iris database. But there are major issues involved in designing such systems like occlusion by eyelashes, eyelids, glass frames, off-angle imaging, presence of contact lenses, poor illumination, motion blur, close-up of iris image acquired at a large standoff distance and specular reflections etc.

Because of these issues the quality of acquired irisimage gets affected. The performance of the iris based recognition system will deteriorate abruptly, when the iris mask is not accurate. This results in lower recognition rate. In this review paper different challenges in designing iris recognition systems for noisy imaging environment are reviewed and methodologies involved in overcoming these issues are discussed. At the end, some measures to improve the accuracy of such systems are suggested.

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