Fuzzy Object Relational Database Management System (FORDBMS) is appropriate approach for Real-Estate (GIS) business

In this paper, there are many challenges in executing ORDBMS. The first challenge is the way of storage and access. The second challenge is to process the query. The third and final challenge is to improve and develop this query. Since the development of RDBMS, OODBMS, and ORDBMS, many sellers dilated their systems, in addition to the ability to store new types of data like images, texts, and the ability to ask more complex queries. Implementing Object-Orient Relational Database Management System (OORDBMS) models whereas business dealing with fuzziness, unclearness, and complex data and presenting online services and storing archived data.

To find an approach that could provide the proper method for solving the problem of Fuzziness of the Real-Estate Management Processwhereas figures such as maps on the GIS systems can be selected as the object of customer and sales men to research for specific criterions. This paper considered the fuzziness of such business due to the suitability of objects attributes to fuzzy treatment, where the high level of fuzziness in their values.

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