Introduction of OFDM Simulation using Matlab: In general, ODFM system has categorized into three major types such as multicarrier communication, orthogonal frequency division multiplexing and frequency division multiplexing. The frequency division multiplexing is the outline of the signal multiplexing, which helps for the allotment of overlap frequency ranges for the various signals and the users of medium. The breach band is gone among the channels and signal towards the closest part.

Major Uses of OFDM Simulation

The following is about the major advantages in the OFDM simulation using Matlab

  • High overall spectral efficiency
  • Immunity to Selective Fading
    • Due to the division of channel towards the multiple narrowband signals, OFDM the part of the most frequency selective fading
  • Resilience to Interference
    • The appearance of interface in channel and it is limited with bandwidth but not affected by the sub channels

Notable Modules in OFDM Simulation

            Let us discuss about significant modules and the functions of that module

  • Functions of AC-OFDM
    • It is essential to cover the antisymmetric possessions in the time domain
    • Visible light communication (VLC) systems are functioning due to the presence of antisymmetric constructed clipped optical orthogonal frequency division multiplexing

Important Plugins OFDM Simulation

            The following is about the plugins and the functions of plugins and it is useful for the research scholars to implement their idea and the application

  • 5G Matlab Toolbox
    • It offers the examples of references and the functions which is useful to uplink and downlink baseband with some specification and the simulation efforts
    • It provide assistance for the golden reference authentication, test waveform generation, link level simulation and conformance testing
    • It offers the stable compliant techniques and the orientation samples of modelling authentication and simulation of the 5G new radio (NR) communication systems

Prime Classes in OFDM Simulation

            Hereby, we have listed down the notable classes which are useful for the development of the research. There are many significant classes but we have listed down two types with their output for your reference

  • General Quadrature Amplitude Modulation
    • It is the Output1 = genqamdemod (x, const)
    • It proceeds for the complex envelop which belongs to the QAM for the message signal x.
    • Constant input indicates the signal mapping and that is used for the modulation process
  • General Quadrature Amplitude Demodulation
    • It is the Output2 = genqamdemod (y, const)
    • It is useful for the demodulation process and the complex envelope, y, of the quadrature amplitude modulation with the utilization of constant signal mapping

Significant Tools in OFDM Simulation

We have listed down some tools in OFDM simulation using matlab and that is integrated with OFDM simulation. Our research experts have quite knowledge about the integrated tools for more reference you can contact us

  • HDL OFDM Receiver
    • It belongs to the traditional HDL OFDM wireless communication receiver and it has the capability to recuperate the information in real time secenario and assistive for the data rates up to 3 Mbps
    • Due to Simulink® the hardware implementation and HDL code generation are blocked then the implementation process of OFDM based wireless receiver  have started
    • HDL OFDM receiver permits the configuration parameters and symbol modulation types such as
    • BSPK, QPSK, 16-QAM, and 64-QAM and code rates 1/2, 2/3, 3/4 and 5/6 through punctured convolution encoding

System Specification in OFDM Simulation

            Hereby, we have highlighted some programming language for the implementation process in the research in OFDM simulation using matlab

  • Notable Programming Languages
    • C++ – All versions prior to 11
    • Fortran – All versions

The fundamental and supportive operating systems for OFDM Simulation using matlab are listed down. If research scholars need some more requirements you can contact us for your research support

  • Supportive OS Requirements
    • Microsoft Visual C++ 2015 Professional
    • Microsoft Visual C++ 2019 product family
    • Microsoft Visual C++ 2017 product family1
  • OS
    • Windows 10 (version 1803 or higher)
  • Disk Minimum
    • 3.4 GB of HDD space for MATLAB only
    • 5-8 GB for a typical installation

Hereby, we have enlisted the version particulars for OFDM simulation using matlab. In the same way, research scholars may select different versions for their research implementation process

  • Latest Versions in OFDM Simulation
    • R2019a (MATLAB 9.6)
    • R2019b (MATLAB 9.7)

Major Implementation of Protocols in OFDM Simulation

            Our research experts have the best knowledge in the protocols implementation process and here we have enlisted the some protocols for your reference

  • Transport Layer Security (TLS) Protocol
    • Generally, it served as the security transport layer
    • For the development of network security, the upper layer cryptography is supportive
    • The execution of security mechanism as autonomous techniques in the TLS communication protocol layers

Topmost Subjects in OFDM Simulation

            We have plenty of research ideas in OFDM simulation using matlab. For your ease, our research experts have listed down

Essential Parameters in OFDM Simulation

Generally, parameters are used for evaluation process in the research project. Therefore, we have listed down the significant OFDM parameters in IEEE 802.11 standard legacy mode

  • Modulation
  • FFT Period
  • DC Subcarriers
  • Subcarrier Spacing
  • Data Rate
  • Bandwidth
  • Total Subcarriers
  • Operating with Bandwidth
  • Guard Interval
  • Pilot Subcarriers
  • OFDM Symbol Duration
  • Coding Rate

Vital Subject with Tools in OFDM SImulation

The subject modules used in OFDM simulation using matlab are highlighted below. The research scholars may use the module which suits for their research

  • CP Insertion
  • OFDM Symbol Transmitter
  • IFFT

Channel Estimation Syntax in OFDM Simulation

            Here, we have highlighted the most substantial syntax in OFDM simulation using matlab. For example, the channel estimation and equalization for fixed and movable OFDM WiMAX system in simulink includes the following

  • The simulink channel model for mobile system is functional
  • Channel assessment
  • The channel estimation and equalization are modelled and evaluated for the various approaches
  • In matlab functions, it offers equalization subsystems
  • Additive White Gaussian Noise (AWGN) is used to examine the performance of fixed channel system and it measures the high and low velocities

Relevant Applications in OFDM Simulation

            There are many applications in OFDM simulation for your ease we have listed down some application in OFDM simulation using matlab. Specifically, telecommunication applications are highlighted below

  • Digital Television
  • In digital transmission and encoding digital data on multiple carrier frequencies, orthogonal frequency division multiplexing (OFDM) is a significant type
Implementing OFDM Simulation using Matlab Simulink

Notable Algorithms in OFDM Simulation

            The algorithms plays a vital role in OFDM simulation using matlab and here we have highlighted the algorithm which is useful for the implementation process but the research scholars can contact us for the implementation of other algorithms

  • Non Continuous Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing (NC-OFDM) Algorithm
    • The NC-OFDM algorithm is used to measure the  interfering signal in-band, and that employs to measure the frequency band in system for the blocks of subcarriers (SCs)

Recent Areas in OFDM Simulation

            For your ease, we have enlisted the areas which is useful for the implementation process and development in the OFDM simulation using matlab

  • Nomadic Applications
    • This application helps to follow the subscribers stations which is movable to base station coverage range when it is dynamic and at leisure it can travel to the paging
    • In WiMAX networks the function of fixed and nomadic application

Remarkable Metrics in OFDM Simulation

All the research may accomplish something when the end which is result is clearly described. The metrics which noted down is listed down

  • Enhanced Signal to Noise Ratio Combining (ESNRC)
  • Signal to Noise Ratio Combining (SNRC)

Significant Process of OFDM Simulation

            For your reference, we have listed down the substantial process which is implemented in the OFDM simulation using matlab

  • HDL code generation (F-OFDM)
    • To calculate the F-OFDM parameters, the h5gOFDMInfo is used. And it produce the outcome of cyclic prefix lengths, FFT length and number of subcarriers
    • HDL optimized code is used to decrease the source utilization, the design of FPGA and exchange from double to fixed-point types

Vital Steps Used in OFDM Simulation

We have listed down the steps which is useful for the implementation process of the OFDM simulation using matlab

  • Locate the required F-OFDM properties
  • The model which is referred to dash the floating point F-OFDM system and design the spectrum. The Utilization of reference model is to evaluate the fixed point model that assists HDL code generation
  • Model the channel by addition of noise to the signal
  • Calculate BER, recover data, and display constellation
  • The spectrum illustrates exact development of out of band radiation of the sub band signal, and enlargement in effective bandwidth

Performance Evaluation in OFDM Simulation

            Let us discuss about the quality of service which is used to produce the best results in OFDM simulation

  • QOS in OFDM Simulation
    • Baseline Users
    • Power Allocation
    • Interface Probability

            Hereby, we have highlighted the quality of experience of the OFDM simulation using matlab

  • QOE in OFDM Simulation
    • Call Level Loss

Pivotal Routing in OFDM Simulation

            Our research experts have highlighted the routing used in the OFDM simulation

  • Pattern Layered Routing
    • Inflexible optical network, the examine process of routing and spectrum allocation

Recent Research Project Titles in OFDM Simulation Using Matlab

Hereby, we have enlisted the research projects titles with the appropriate implementation

  • OFDM Implementation Transmission and Power Spectrum
    • (MIMO) – (Multi-User)- MIMO OFDM Matlab Simulink systems through different simulations. The class is going to be updated continuously, and provide more and more functionalities. We provide many examples and show how different functions of this class
  • OFDM Signal Modulation in Various Schemes
    • Various signal modulation results in Matlab (QPSK, ASK, 16QAM, 64QAM, BPSK, and FSO) modulation
  • HRCD with Kalman Filtering for F-OFDM with Kalman Filter
    • Here, we assess the channel estimation with different F-OFDM modulation
  • Wireless waveform generator
    • Generate a waveform that you can transmit using a connected lab test instrument under signal processing and communication. save the current session, open a previously saved session