Radiation tolerant heterogeneous Multicore “system on chip” with built-in multichannel SpaceFibre switch for the “intelligent” signals and images processing systems

The article presents a Radiation tolerant heterogeneous Multi-core ASIC MC-30SF6 as the SoC (System-on-Chip) for the onboard “intelligent” signals and images processing systems. MC-30SF6 based on a CMOS 180nm Radiation tolerant library and consists of the five ELVEES IP – cores for theprocessing and compression data with extra performance more than 9 GFLOPs. The SoC design and architecture support fault tolerance against SEU errors. SoC has built-in multichannel multiprotocol SpaceFibre/GigaSpaceWire (SpaceWire-RUS standard)/SpaceWire embedded networking subsystem.The networking subsystem provides multiple ports for high-rate interconnection with combination of SpaceWire/GigaSpaceWire/SpaceFibre links.

SoC support four ports GigaSpaceWire/two ports SpaceWire switch. Input and processed data streams transmitted via 1.25 Gbps two multiprotocol SpaceFibre/GigaSpaceWire and four GigaSpaceWire links. Two SpaceWire links (ECSS-E-50-12C) provide data transfer bandwidth from 2 up to 400 Mbps. The MC-30SF6 embedded networking subsystem on the base SpaceWire/GigaSpaceWire/SpaceFibre provide a balance between ASIC throughput and SoC performance especially for the multifunctional micro and nanosatellites systems.

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