Towards Mobile Document Image Retrieval for Digital Library

With the proliferation of mobile devices, recent years have witnessed an emerging potential to integrate mobile visual search techniques into digital library. Such a mobile application scenario in digital library has posed significant and unique challenges in document image search. The mobile photograph makes it tough to extract discriminative features from the landmark regions of documents, like line drawings, as well as text layouts. In addition, both search scalability and query delivery latency remain challenging issues in mobile document search. The former relies on an effective yet memory-light indexing structure to accomplish fast online search, while the latter puts a bit budget constraint of query images over the wireless link.

In this paper, we propose a novel mobile document image retrieval framework, consisting of a robust Local Inner-distance Shape Context (LISC) descriptor of line drawings, a Hamming distance KD-Tree for scalable and memory-light document indexing, as well as a JBIG2 based query compression scheme, together with a Retinex based enhancement and an OTSU based binarization, to reduce the latency of delivering query while maintaining query quality in terms of search performance. We have extensively validated the key techniques in this framework by quantitative comparison to alternative approaches.

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