An Investigation of Local Descriptors for Biometric Spoofing Detection

Biometric authentication systems are quite vulnerable to sophisticated spoofing attacks. To keep a good level of security, reliable spoofing detection tools are necessary, preferably implemented as software modules. The research in this field is very active, with local descriptors, based on the analysis of microtextural features, gaining more and more popularity, because of their excellent performance and flexibility. This paper aims at assessing the potential of these descriptors for the liveness detection task in authentication systems based on various biometric traits: fingerprint, iris, and face.

Besides compact descriptors based on the independent quantization of features, already considered for some liveness detection tasks, we will study promising descriptors based on the joint quantization of rich local features. The experimental analysis, conducted on publicly available data sets and in fully reproducible modality, confirms the potential of these tools for biometric applications, and points out possible lines of development toward further improvements.

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