Shunt active filter using Cuckoo search algorithm for PQ conditioning

In recent days the power quality problems (PQ) are more produced in power electronic devices and it creates unbalance loading, current harmonics and voltage unbalancing problems due to increase in reactive power. For compensating the reactive power various types of power devices are used. The shunt active power filter (SAPF) is one of the devices that are used for decreasing the PQ. To reduce the PQ problems, the performance of SAPF must be improved. In this paper, a controller is proposed for improving the performance of SAPF and compensating the PQ.

The Cuckoo search (CS) algorithm technique which is used to get the reference current for compensating reactive power and reducing the PQ problem. The SAPF is used for reducing the harmonic disturbances. The dc link voltage is maintained as constant by using the proposed controller technique. Subsequently, the FFT analysis is used for measuring THD values of the proposed system. The proposed method is implemented inMATLAB/Simulink and its performance is evaluated. The performance of the proposed method is evaluated and compared with the PI controller and Fuzzy controller.

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