Biomedical Projects

Biomedical Projects
A Memristor-Based Continuous-Time Digital FIR Filter for Biomedical Signal Processing – Biomedical Projects
Biomedical Research in Italy: From wearable sensorts to tissue engineering, Italian biomedical engineers continue a long-established legacy of scientific inquiry – Biomedical Projects
Drop Measurement System for Biomedical Application – Biomedical Projects
An Ultralow Power Multirate FSK Demodulator With Digital-Assisted Calibrated Delay-Line Based Phase Shifter for High-Speed Biomedical Zero-IF Receivers – Biomedical Projects
Unsupervised Structure Detection in Biomedical Data – Biomedical Projects
eClims: an extensible and dynamic integration framework for biomedical information systems – Biomedical Projects
Energy-efficient switching scheme in SAR ADC for biomedical electronics – Biomedical Projects
Hadoop Recognition of Biomedical Named Entity Using Conditional Random Fields – Biomedical Projects
Laser fabrication of biomedical sensor for AC impedance analysis – Biomedical Projects
New approach for design and verification of a wideband Archimedean spiral antenna for radiometric measurement in biomedical applications – Biomedical Projects
A low-input-voltage wireless power transfer for biomedical implants – Biomedical Projects
Analog multiplier using DTMOS-CCII suitable for biomedical application – Biomedical Projects
Influence of Fixation on Magnetic Properties of Glass-Coated Magnetic Microwires for Biomedical Applications – Biomedical Projects
Feature selection for event extraction in biomedical text – Biomedical Projects
Challenges of Large-Scale Biomedical Workflows on the Cloud — A Case Study on the Need for Reproducibility of Results – Biomedical Projects
Corrosion resistance of SiO2 thin film coated biomedical Ti-13Nb-13Zr titanum alloy by E-Beam – Biomedical Projects
A transform domain sparse LMS-type algorithm for highly correlated biomedical signals in sparse system identification – Biomedical Projects
Plasmonic giant semiconductor nanocrystals with enhanced light output and suppressed blinking for biomedical applications – Biomedical Projects
Design of implantable patch antenna for biomedical application – Biomedical Projects
A Dual-mode Large-arrayed CMOS ISFET Sensor for Accurate and High-throughput pH Sensing in Biomedical Diagnosis – Biomedical Projects
Monitoring of the aging of magnetic nanoparticles for biomedical applications – Biomedical Projects
Three dimensional ALD of TiO2 for in-vivo biomedical sensor applications – Biomedical Projects
Comparative Studies of Double Dielectric Barrier Discharge and Microwave Argon Plasma Jets at Atmospheric Pressure for Biomedical Applications – Biomedical Projects
Extracting fundamental periods to segment biomedical signals – Biomedical Projects
DISim: Ontology-driven simulation of biomedical data integration tasks – Biomedical Projects